Not many left! I grew up going out to the Redfield Drive-In, now called the Pheasant City Drive-in. The Gallup family owned it for what seemed like forever. Go back a few generations and there were hundreds across the county.

Now, the oldest outdoor theater in the state is getting a makeover.

Gregory's Hilltop Drive Inn will be converting to digital this summer, which was made possible by donations.

So, we have Gregory (Hilltop Drive Inn), Redfield (Pheasant City Drive-in), Winner (Winner Drive-in), Hermosa (Roy's Black Hills Twin Drive-in), Miller (Midway Drive-in) and Mobridge (Pheasant Drive In) as the only drive-ins left in the state. Of course, let's not forget the Verne Drive-In, just over the state line in Luverne, Minnesota.

When I was a kid my parents would load up the car with pillows, blankets and make sure we were in our PJ's.  There would always be someone walking through the cars washing windshields.  I can still smell the popcorn.  And a bottle of strawberry pop too.

I miss those days.

Source: KDLT News

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