The Wizard of Cucumber strikes again! With limited space and sunlight here's the solution for any gardener seasoned or beginner: GO UP!

Just like any vine these cucumbers love to explore.

I decided to move our cucumbers this year to another location.  Only about 30 feet to south away from the storage shed.

These Burpless beauties have a tendency to multiple like Patty's rabbits in her backyard.

Several years ago I re-purposed an old six foot wooden ladder.  Planted four plants around the bottom.  One at each leg.  That first year they were toppling over the top step. That was 19 years ago.

Move forward to 2017 and this new space which was the site of a hackberry tree.

Not wanting to let an inch of space go to waste I bought a few extra.  Eleven plants to be exact.  Might sound a bit crowded but look at the results. After you've done this awhile you start to get creative.

Now, for the construction.  You can see the old six foot ladder as the centerpiece.  What you may not notice are two five foot cedar trellises on each side of the ladder.  And just on the inside of those pavers a 24 inch fence to keep the vines from spreading over the grass and to keep our cat out.

Number of cukes picked as of today:  23

Last year's yield:  111

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