Come around my neighborhood and you will find that many backyards have a garden. They offer bountiful harvests of delicious fruits and vegetables each year. And for me, planting and maintaining a garden gives me peace and believe it or not a chance to relax and unwind. This is my summertime therapy. But, I keep my clothes on.

This Saturday, May 1 a few brave souls will take part in the 16th Annual Nude Gardening Day. Okay, for the record there is actually a website devoted to this cheeky festivity. recently published a list of The Best Cities for World Gardening Day.

Do you think that's a little strange? Well, the bare facts are that Sioux Falls and all of South Dakota didn't make the list. Since Seattle, Washington ranks number one for best Nude Friendly city and Miami, Florida is the overall top city for nude gardening, what are the chances they have the perkiest tomatoes? Probably the most cracks too.

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Preparation for the gardening season is key. Making sure you have the right tools. Choosing the appropriate seeds. Knowing what plants don't play well with others. I learned that many years ago that peas do not like broccoli.

If you are determined to take your gardening to its barest level then here are two suggestions. Make sure you use a lot of sunscreen. And, have enough bail money for when your bare butt lands in jail.

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