So you want to know the difference between the two terms Vegan (N.) and Vegetarian (N.) huh? Well, you've come to the right place!

As a vegetarian for over six years now (or maybe it's been seven either way for quite some time now) allow me to shed some light on the differences.

A vegan is an individual who does not consume or use any products that contain substances that have been produced by an animal. Notice how I said USE in the previous statement this also includes beauty products and toiletries on their person.

If a beauty product contains any honey, milk, animal fats, or other parts of an animal inside of the product it is considered to not be vegan friendly. However, it can still be considered vegetarian friendly.

A vegetarian is a person who doesn't consume any animal meat but will still eat animal produced items such as milk, eggs, cheese, butter, and honey.

The beauty products vegetarians use can still contain honey and milk.

A lot of beauty products these days have a printed symbol on the bottle or packaging to indicate whether it is vegan, vegetarian friendly, or both.

The vegan symbol is typically two leaves that form a letter v with the word vegan underneath of it. And for vegetarian products, it will either state "vegetarian friendly" or if you know the list of ingredients inside of the product you can always do a quick google search to find out.

If these symbols aren't present on an item that means it can be made with some ingredients that have been made from animal flesh, animal fat, or other items.

One thing that I have come to find out and (no shade here) is that a lot of eyeshadow and makeup products can contain some weird ingredients such as carmine. Which is crushed up female red beetles.

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