A woman who was charged with allegedly putting shavings of dried foot skin in their roommate's shredded cheese has now been charged with killing the same roommate's fish.

What in the hell?

Ellie Ann Thompson, originally of Parker, SD, was charged in another bizarre incident that involved the harassment of one of her roommates in a dorm at Northwest Iowa Community College.

According to NWestIowa.com:

Twenty-year-old Ellie Ann Thompson allegedly removed a fish from a roommate’s aquarium and left it outside the tank until it died, then put it back, according to the Sheldon Police Department.

The incident occurred March 5 in Osceola Hall on NCC’s campus.

Thompson was cited Friday, May 22, on a charge of fifth-degree criminal mischief.

The timing of all of this is also peculiar. The fish slaughter happened on March 5. The foot cheese incident happened eight days later on March 13. But the charge of killing the pet fish comes happened last Friday, May 22.

People in their early twenties can be petty and mean, but there is clearly something seriously wrong with the relationship between these two women. The actual backstory is here is unknown. What drove someone to pull a fish out of a tank, let it suffocate to death just outside of its home, and then drop it back in to float is just plain sadistic.

I'm really looking forward to the Lifetime Original Movie about this. Will Lori Loughlin be out of prison in time to be a part of it? Maybe her daughters? Just curious.

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