I understand that technology is kind of dumbing us down. No one memorizes phone numbers anymore and apparently you don't need to know how to spell because there is spellcheck and autocorrect.


I've been so annoyed by how many different ways I see whoa being spelled. Obviously, the way I spell it is whoa, which I believe to be correct. Sometimes I see woah, which I guess still makes sense phonetically, and then there is whoah. Two H's? Really?

So I had to do a little research. Was I misinformed? Could this word be spelled many ways?

Whoa is the correct spelling according to Grammarly.com and waywordradio.org.

waywordradio.org says, "The correct spelling in the United States is whoa, but when words are primarily transmitted orally, spelling often varies."

I get that. There are a lot of times I hear a word and probably even use it in my daily speak and I'm not sure how to spell it.

If you're in the habit of spelling whoa wrong, then Grammarly.com had this little trick to help, "A simple trick to remember the spelling of whoa is to remember that it begins with the question word who. If you like rhymes, you can just memorize a phrase to remember which two letters are in the middle of whoa: Never say whoa to a horse named HO."

So no more excuses for spelling whoa wrong. And I'm pleased to know that my Twitter followers know what's up.

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