Recycling a plastic water bottle or some paper is almost an automatic action for most people. However, for whatever reason, recycling is not a huge deal in the City of Sioux Falls or for that matter, the state of South Dakota.

To be fair, there are recycling bins in Downtown Sioux Falls and even on the bike trails. The recycling bins are pretty limited though when you enter a business or even in apartment complexes. So what's up with that? Why does it appear that Sioux Falls and South Dakota really don't recycle as often as they should?

Apparently, some South Dakotans are really trying to be responsible when it comes to recycling. Eco-cycle Solutions explain that State agencies in South Dakota are "are required to recycle paper, cardboard, and plastic, glass, aluminum, and steel containers." The measure includes any type of state-building and was actually enacted back in 1991. State entities are also required to have access to recycling bins for "yard waste, motor oil, white goods, and car batteries." Here's another fun fact: All state employees must have a deskside recycle bin.

One would assume Sioux Falls would implement these same rules and regulations. Eco-cycle Solutions say that's not the case. Eco-cycle Solutions clarifies that "Counties and municipalities may establish their own mandatory recycling laws and ordinances."

The City of Sioux Falls does have a recycling policy in regards to what can and what cannot be recycled. The city even lists a guide to where these items can be recycled and the exact locations of these recycling sites.  The only aspect the city seems to have overlooked is mandating recycling bins in establishments such as businesses, apartment complexes, and grocery stores.

Millennium Recycling Inc. in Sioux Falls is another great resource tool to use if you need further information about what items can be recycled.


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