Paper, plastic, cardboard, glass. Repeat. Paper, plastic, cardboard, glass. Repeat. You may but not everyone is doing it.

Recycling. That is your paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and other products at home and where you work.

Think about it this way with a lesson from the Great American Smoke Out. Do it because it's good for everyone and the environment.

This Wednesday November 15th is Celebrate America Recycles Day in Sioux Falls and across the country.

America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized community-driven awareness campaign dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling.

The City of Sioux Falls takes note that recycling helps our local economy, protects our natural resources, and saves precious airspace in the Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill. In 2016, more than 94 million pounds of material was processed by our local recycling facilities.

  • Here's a few guidelines to follow:
    Only recycle cans made of steel, tin, and aluminum; plastic bottles, tubs, and jugs; clean cardboard and cartons; glass bottles and jars; and paper
  • Bag shredded paper in a clear, plastic bag before placing it in your recycling bin
  • Bag plastic bags together in a clear, plastic bag before putting them in your recycling bin
  • All other recyclables should be placed loose (unbagged) in your recycling bin
    Never put medical, food, pet, or human waste in the recycling bin
  • Electronics, hazardous waste, Styrofoam, ceramics, porcelain, toys, clothing, and garden hoses do not belong in the recycling bin

Members from the nonprofit group Ecomaniacs will be at the South Minnesota Avenue Hy Vee with recycling games, information, and free reusable grocery bags made from recycled plastic bottles on Wednesday, November 15th from 3:00 PM-6:00 PM.

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