With Halloween fast approaching, Paul Sieber, owner of Halloween Express in Sioux Falls, says the kids know what they want!

"The little girls want Wonder Woman. That's the in thing this season. We are wiped out right now but are ordering more. More coming in this week. For the little boys Halo is very popular. Of course, the traditional police and firemen costumes are in demand. Those are always the big ones."

So, what are the adults looking for?

Wonder Woman is popular with the ladies this year. Harley Quinn---we can't get her in stock. The IT costume from the new movie out is hot. For some reason the Flash is wanted by everyone. He's come back to life. We're out right now but have more coming in."

Sieber says Halloween gets bigger year after year.

"It sure seems like it in Sioux Falls. It keeps growing every year."

That's a fact! Halloween sales are expected to hit an all time record around the country with a projection of 8.4 billion dollars in sales.

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