It's no secret that the cost of higher education has gotten out of hand.

Student loan debt is at an all time high in the United States. The Federal Reserve has student loan debt only behind mortgages in consumer debt.

A new study done by OnePoll showed that most graduates consider their loan debt as a life sentence so they wouldn't mind going to jail to get it forgiven.

Going to jail was actually last on the list of things graduates would be willing to do to be relieved of their student loan debt.

Other things that made the list were:

  • Shaving their head (51%)
  • Walk to work for a month (49%)
  • Never have caffeine again (40%)
  • Relive high school over again (40%)
  • No time off from work for a year (40%)
  • Spend a week in jail (39%).

I would totally shave my head. I mean hair grows back, right?

I also think that it's kind of crazy that graduates are willing to go to jail to be forgiven. Shouldn't the people in charge of setting these ridiculous higher education rates be the ones punished?

Who are they anyway?

The study also showed what sacrifices graduates have made to try to get by while repaying their loans.

  • Skipped a social event/gathering: 39%
  • Getting a side hustle: 39%
  • Serious budgeting: 38%
  • Taking a job I don’t like that pays well: 36%
  • Skipping others’ life events due to travel cost: 36%
  • Skipped a meal: 35%
  • Not getting a car: 35%
  • Living in a less safe neighborhood for cheaper rent: 35%
  • Not buying new clothes: 32%
  • Living with my parents: 29%


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