You know the saying, "if you're driving through this town and blink, you'll miss it." Iowa has a few towns like that but which one do you think is really the smallest? I don't mean smallest as in size either. I mean which town in Iowa has the smallest population?

According to World Population Review, this town as of 2020, has a population of 11 citizens. You could find it right about here if you're looking at a map of Iowa.

Canva - Gabe Glidden
Canva - Gabe Glidden

One thing that might get taken for granted when growing up in a bigger city is how accessible everything is. If you need to get groceries, gas, beer, go to the bank, need a doctor, etc, all of those things are relatively easy to find. When you live in a town of 11 people... those luxuries don't really exist. It really shows the difference in the ways people choose to live.

My parents grew up in Windom, MN, a town of 4,423. My fiance grew up in the town of Rushford MN, with a population of 1,774 and I thought both of those were small. Which relatively, they are. Compared to this town, those are both booming metropolises.


Le Roy is a town in Decatur County, Iowa, and it is the smallest town in the state. Le Roy has been around since 1880 and was named after Leroy Buffman who was an early settler, according to Quick Facts for Kids.  Here is a video from 2011, showing just how small this town is. Kyle, who made this video, mentions being on the only sidewalk in town.

According to World Population Review, Le Roy has seen an increasing population rate of 0.00% annually, according to the most recent census. The actual size of Le Roy is 0.3 square miles.

It's not the size that makes a town, it's the people in it. Have you ever been to Le Roy? If not, you might want to add it to your list of places to visit, just so you can tell people you've been there before.

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