Yesterday I got into a discussion with a friend about hunting, specifically, what is the best animal to hunt here in South Dakota. I have my favorites, but it was hard to argue since I grew up hunting mainly pheasant, deer, and the occasional unlucky rabbit or squirrel that happened by.

My friend is an absolutely rabid waterfowl hunter. He doesn't really care which kind, but to him there is nothing better than being in a blind and waiting for them to come in.

Having never partaken in a waterfowl hunt I couldn't argue, but to me there is nothing better than getting up early in the morning and stalking the spot you have scouted to the point of calling it "reconnaissance," waiting for that deer to come by. Then I flip flopped and said that pheasants are the most important game animal in our state. You never see stories on the news about hunters flying in to hunt deer in our state. It's all but impossible to get an East River buck tag if you're a nonresident. He brought up another favorite in prairie dog hunting. While we both love it, we agreed it's not the favorite.

We certainly didn't answer the question or end the argument. So I decided to put the question out in this post. Answer the poll below!