Last weekend I wanted to go coyote hunting. So I got my stuff together and got ready to head out. Suddenly it occurred to me: "It's February."

Small game licenses in South Dakota expire every year at the end of January. But that happens to be in the middle of the cottontail rabbit and squirrel seasons. So even though I have hunted in the current season, you have to get a new license.

To hunt coyotes you don't need a small game license. You can get the cheaper $5 predator/varmint license if you only plan to hunt predators and varmints.

It's easiest to go online to the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks website to buy your license. You don't have to carry a hard copy of your license either. You can just take a screenshot of you license on your phone and store that photo to keep it handy in case you're checked by a game warden.

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