You have no doubt seen a vehicle with a "Baby on Board" sign. But do you know where it really came from?

We were talking about this on the show this week. I was asked what was it for and I replied that I thought it was just a thing to let crazy drivers know that "Hey, don't drive like a jerk, there's a baby over here!" We got a bunch of text messages all saying the same thing, that I was incorrect and that it was for first responders to find babies trapped in cars.

I remember when they came out and knew was pretty sure that was incorrect, at least in its origin.

Michael Lerner, the creator of the yellow badge of babydom, said in an interview that he came up with the idea when driving with his nephew in the car and he felt protective of him while psychotic drivers flew all around him.

It has since been used by first responders to find babies, but that wasn't its original purpose.

Now you know!

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