So maybe 2022 is the year you've chosen to finally get a tattoo. Or perhaps you're going to add to your already existing collection of body ink.

Either way, now you've got another monumental decision to make.

Exactly which tattoo is right for you?

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For some, the choice is deeply personal. Something unique to your world, your family, or your imagination.

For others, it's all about following trends.

Well if going with the popular choice is in your comfort zone, then in South Dakota, you're getting a cat tattoo.

Most Popular Tattoos
loading... has been combing over data from Google Trends and they've determined that tattoo seekers in the Mount Rushmore State are first and foremost cat lovers. Ditto for our neighbors in Minnesota.

Images of animals, creatures, and beasts are quite popular as well in Rhode Island (Lion), New Hampshire (Spider), Ohio (Whale), Indiana (Sheep), Georgia (Dolphin), Delaware (Dragon), Iowa (Pink Elephant), Washington (Fly), Wisconsin (Fox), Kansas (Crow), and Missouri (Monster).

The search for the most popular tattoos also uncovered a ton of state pride.

In Arkansas, Idaho, New Jersey, and North Dakota outlines of the state border reign supreme, while in Maryland people use their tattoos to show off their love for the state's biggest city, Baltimore.

Two other states extend their pride to sports. In Louisiana, it's the logo of the NFL's New Orleans Saints; while in South Carolina, it's the beloved Clemson Tigers.

As for the oddest tattoos of choice, Maine and Wyoming are keeping it current with COVID images.

Meanwhile, folks in New Mexico are having commitment issues. They're in the market for fake tattoos.

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