The latest wedding favor trend is not a bottle of champagne or a gift certificate to the Cracker Barrel. It’s a tattoo. And frankly, I think this idea has merit.

The bride and groom select a tattoo artist to attend the wedding reception where he or she up at a booth. The wedding guest can choose between three and six small designs, usually about the size of a golf ball. Tattoo artists can work on legs, arms, chest, shoulders, and ankles, but risqué parts are off-limits. According to the New York Times, one tattoo artist in Pennsylvania said he’s had 2000 inquiries for the service.

When asked why anyone would want to get a tattoo at a wedding reception he simply replied, “this is the time that guests are usually "in the moment. A time that someone who has no interest in getting a tattoo probably would.”

I must admit, an open bar would make me more likely to get a tattoo surrounded by friends and family than any other time.

I’m in. "Cap'n Crunch on my left buttock it is, my fine sir."


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