Happy Monday!

It was another weekend staying at home, which means I watched more TV than I probably should have.

Full disclosure, I didn't actually watch all of this just over the weekend. It was more like over the course of the whole week, but I digress.

To see what I've watched previously, click here.

First up, Why Women Kill on CBS All Access. I have a free trial of CBS All Access so I'm trying to watch all the things! If you liked Desperate Housewives, you will totally dig Why Women Kill. Marc Cherry was the mastermind behind both! Why Women Kill follows three storylines in three different decades, but all in the same house. Does that make sense? Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste are the three main characters. In the beginning, I assumed all the women were going to kill their husbands, but as the show progresses, that isn't so much the case. It's funny, witty, suspenseful, a murder mystery, and even sentimental at times.

Then, I decided to do some cleaning out of my DVR. I had recorded Phantom Thread from a free HBO weekend forever ago and had never watched it. Phantom Thread stars Daniel Day-Lewis and it had a lot of awards buzz back in 2017. It is about a high-end dressmaker in 1950's London. He's very stuck in his ways and eccentric. He meets a young woman, Alma, and she challenges the status quo. The end is....puzzling. I don't want to give a spoiler, but, like, what? Anyway, it's kind of a slow burn, but I liked it.

And lastly, one of the major reasons I got Disney+ in the first place, I watched So Weird. I'm halfway through season two. I was surprised to learn that the show only had three seasons, running from 1999 to 2001. Seems there should be more. Anyway, it's so different from other Disney Channel shows from the time and especially now. It was kind of like the kid's version of The X Files. It was kind of creepy and scary as a kid. Now, it's just kind of hilarious how bad the acting and special effects are. However, I give the character of Fiona Phillips props! She wasn't your typical Disney girl. She's smart, runs a website, independent, hangs with the boys, and still rocks some awesome butterfly clips. Season three replaces Fiona for some reason. I mean, she's the main character! That is So Weird if you ask me. Also, Mackenzie Phillips plays the Mom, who is an aging rock star on the road. Most of the show takes place on a tour bus. And, of course, one of the main reasons I watched back in the day was Erik Von Detten and Eric Lively (brother of Blake Lively btw), who play brothers and are/were so dreamy!

And just because I love a good theme song!

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