For NFL junkies, HBO's 'Hard Knocks' has long been a great way to get an inside look at one NFL Franchise during training camp and the preseason.

Just last year, HBO had an in season version of the show debut, featuring the Indianapolis Colts. On Monday, the NFL announced that this year's team that will be featured during the season will the the Arizona Cardinals.

It's an intriguing pick for the show, and will be the second time that the Cardinals have been featured on the HBO program (2015).

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Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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As opposed to the typical preseason version of the show that will air during August and September, the in season program will begin in November.

The Cardinals offer a ton of intrigue this season, as they have made the playoffs just once in three years under Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury. In those three seasons, Arizona has posted a total mark of 24-24-1.

Last season, the Cardinals started 7-0 before limping to a 11-6 finish and a first round postseason loss to the Rams.

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals
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