It was Memorial Day weekend and that means there was an extra day to binge-watch!

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First up, Normal People on Hulu. I actually watched this over the course of the whole week. It's a drama that takes place in Ireland. We follow Marianne and Connell from high school through college. They start seeing each other in high school where Connell is the popular, cool guy and Marianne, well, not so much. He keeps their relationship a secret and doesn't exactly treat her right. Cut to college, Marianne is fitting in just fine and Connell not so much. I found myself wanting to knock some sense into Marianne. She was so willing to be taken advantage of, and not just by Connell. Daddy issues are a thing for sure! Will they get back together? Will it be forever? Are they destined? I really liked this show. It's quiet and understated. I had to watch with subtitles on because their accents are pretty thick though. Also, there is a lot of nudity and 'doing it', for the lack of a better phrase, so definitely not safe for work or children. Speaking of the 'doing it' scenes, there is actually a really nice scene when it's their first time. Connell is very considerate of Marianne and tells her if she wants to stop at any time that he will. Consent is everything!

Also, Connell's mom is actually my favorite character in the whole show. She calls him on his crap and I loved it!

On a completely different note, I decided to watch a couple of Disney classics. I had recently seen on the internet somewhere a list of Disney animated movies that didn't get enough recognition. On that list was The Aristocats and Oliver & Company and I realized I had never seen them. So, I watched them on Disney+, and honestly, I wasn't impressed. I think they get their appropriate amount of recognition. Even with the voice talents of Billy Joel, Bette Midler, and Eva Gabor, I wasn't impressed. I'll stick to my go to's of The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, A Goofy Movie.

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