Kale chips, mashed cauliflower and bacon - just a few of the foods that have become popular and even "trendy."

Google search data was recently analyzed to find the foods that are trendy and those that are losing their appeal.

Their findings showed that over the past two years the top trending foods have been healthy ingredients like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, avocado oil, bitter melon and kefir.

Bacon still remains a popular search. Other foods that showed up as 'trending" included rigatoni, linguine, empanadas, and bundt cakes.

Google also tracks seasonal trends. Cheese curds, pork shoulder, smash cake and gender reveal cakes only trend seasonally.

Foods that are no longer trendy according to their findings are gluten-free cupcakes, wheat-free bread, bacon cupcakes and bacon cinnamon rolls. All of those searches were at the top of Google's search results three years ago.

Seasonal decliners include quinoa, wedding cakes (people opting for cupcakes instead?), kale chips, red velvet cake, agave nectar and marshmallow fondant.

A significant number of people are searching for turmeric and recipes to use it in. Most searches for the ingredient are performed early in the week and declines as the week progresses. YouTube videos about turmeric and its health benefits racked up 3.9 million views over the past year.

Other rising trends according to the report are pulled pork shoulder, mug cakes and mac and cheese bites.

These are the Top 10 recipe searches:

  1. Waffle recipes
  2. Sugar cookie recipes
  3. Brownie recipes
  4. Chocolate cake recipes
  5. Cupcake recipes
  6. Cod recipes
  7. Pie crust recipes
  8. Crab cake recipes
  9. Granola recipes
  10. Vanilla cake recipes

These are the Top 10 How-To Searches:

  1. How to cut a mango
  2. How to bake bacon
  3. How to make cake pops
  4. How to cut a pineapple
  5. How to make ice cream
  6. How to cook brown rice
  7. How to soften brown sugar
  8. How to cook steak
  9. How to make frosting
  10. How to cook crab legs


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