The most popular recipe in South Dakota, according to the Betty Crocker website, only uses two ingredients.  Why do we even need a recipe for that? It's the easiest dessert EVER to make. I also remember from my time in Weight Watchers many, many, many years ago, that this dessert was also "point friendly."

The most-searched for recipe by South Dakotans in 2015 on Betty Crocker's website is the Two-Ingredient Soda Pop Cupcake. Yep. A box cake mix and the carbonated beverage of your choice.

The recipe calls for a white cake mix, but you can get creative and use any flavor. For white cake mixes, you can use 7-Up, orange soda, grape soda or maybe even root beer. I especially like using german chocolate cake mix with Coke. The Weight Watchers version would have you use one cake mix and one can of your favorite DIET soda. There are less calories because you're not adding eggs or oil. Or, if you're like me, I really like to jazz up cake mixes and use one extra egg, melted butter instead of the oil and buttermilk instead of water. Try it sometime - like in May when you've given up on your New Year's resolution to lose weight.

Betty Crocker has some great recipes on their website, especially for Crock-Pots. Check out this section on their website.





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