For Father's Day this year, my Dad wanted the ultimate fest for dinner. And in his opinion, that means a giant over the top seafood boil.

My mom loves to cook and took it upon herself to make everything from scratch in one giant stainless steel pot (hence the name seafood boil) you boil everything together in one big pot until you are ready to serve it.

Pictured below is everything that we like to add to our family's seafood boil. After everything has been cooked thoroughly we take the pot off the burner, strain the liquid and then dump everything onto the butcher paper that is taped down to the countertop. And yes everything is very hot so please be careful!

Seafood Boil Prep Work

We learned the hard way one year that if you don't tape down the paper it can very easily slide out from under the weight of what you are about to dump on to it. So some scotch tape would be a great idea to have on hand also.

Here's a bonus: the broth that all your crab legs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, lemons, and corn cooked in can be used for a great base for a spicy fish stew later on as well as long as you refrigerate it.

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