There are a ton of different color roses. This Valentine's Day you may be wondering what color to send to your Valentine. Be careful not to send the wrong message, depending how long you have been in the relationship.

There are a few no-brainers but you could get into trouble with some of the other ones.

Red-Love, hopefully you knew that

White-Purity, Young Love, Loyalty

Yellow-Friendship, Joy and caring. Unless her favorite color is yellow and she has said I love yellow roses I would stay clear of sending all yellow roses.

Pink-Grace, Admiration, Elegant. Make sure the card reads something about how much you admire her and how elegant and graceful she is!

Orange-Passion and desire. These are harder to find but the meaning is pretty awesome!

Purple or Lilac-My favorite color of rose means love at first site.

Now you may wonder how many roses to send? The amount of roses sent has meaning too.

1- On a first date it means love at first site but if you have been together for awhile it means I still love you.


10-Your love is perfect.

12-Be mine.

13-Friends Forever.

15-I'm sorry!


24-I'm Yours.


26-I'm head over heels!

40-Genuine Love.

50 or more!!!! Your love knows no boundaries!

Good Luck and Happy Valentine's Day!