You see it all the time, but every time I do, it just seems a little odd.

What am I referring to? RV camping in front of a big box store.

First, I want to let it be known that I do not own a camper. Which could be part of the problem. Maybe I don't understand the whole camping mentality? I don't have anything against camping or campers. I've camped on occasion. I admit it's fun. Personally, when I go camping, I typically like a little more scenic beauty than looking at a parking lot filled full of Fords, Chevy's, and Honda's, with people wheeling out carts heaped full of Charmin toilet paper in bulk, and Samsung 65 inch big-screen TVs. But that's just me.

When I see a giant RV out in front of a Big Box store parking lot, all I can picture in mind is an image of cousin Eddie from the movie Vacation standing in his bathrobe grilling weenies on his Weber as Karen, Dave, and their kids come rolling out of Walmart with a cart filled full of enough food to feed everyone living in Parker!

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I guess when you really think about it, overnight RV parking in front of Big Box stores like Walmart, Costco, Lowe's, Cabela's, and others does make sense on some levels.

There is the whole convenience thing...

If you need more food and supplies, just walk inside the store and pick some up. Have the desire to use a restroom other than the one that is hopefully located in your motorhome? Problem solved. Many of these stores offer a place to dump your tanks. Sweet! Then of course, probably the biggest benefit of all is the cost factor. In most cases, it's free to stay there. And we all know free is a good thing. Especially these days. Hello, inflation!

So, if you plan on loading up the old bookmobile, (that's what I used to call my mother-in-law's RV), and hit the highway to do a little fall camping, and want to save a few bucks along the journey? Maybe overnight RV parking lot camping is for you?

We know Walmart and Cabela's stores let you park RVs in their lot overnight, a number of Lowe's stores do as well. If you're wondering who else does, I recommend you get the Allstays app. It contains comprehensive information as to which Big Box stores here in South Dakota and throughout the U.S. allow overnight RV camping in their parking lots.

Have a fun stay and a safe journey. And give my best to Karen, Dave, and the kids walking out of Walmart.

Source: Allstays

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