A town in western Iowa was named the worst place to live in the entire state and the reason behind it is a bit unexpected.

Money Inc. made a list of the 20 worst cities and towns to live in all of Iowa and no part of the state is left unmarked.

The list focused on a number of key factors, including crime rate, unemployment, low wages, and school funding.

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So which western Iowa city is one of the "worst" in the state?

According to the article, it's Sioux City.

For Sioux City, it appears that the key element which brought it down is crime.

4,731 crimes are committed per 100K people per year, giving Sioux City a crime rate that is 84.2% higher than the national average. All in all, that particular number is enough to keep many away.

-Money Inc.

The article did also point out some positive things about the city though. It scored well in terms of cost of living, diversity, as well as ease of commute.

The top five worst cities to live in, according to Money Inc. are:

  1. Keokuk: Located in the far southeastern part of the state.
  2. Davenport: Strattles the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa.
  3. Des Moines: The state's capital and largest city, located in central Iowa.
  4. Clinton: Another city located in eastern Iowa and on the Mississippi.
  5. Dubuque: Yet another town located on the Mississippi River. It's also the oldest settlement in the state.

You can see the entire top 20 from Money Inc. here.

Story Source: Money Inc.

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