Casey's General Store may have gas pumps outside, but they're known for pizza... and donuts. Yes, you can fill up your tank, but have you ever had a Casey's pizza? Casey's pizza is in the Top 3 pizzas I've ever had - including their breakfast pizza.

Several years ago I asked an employee why their pizza tastes so good, and they responded, "we use whole milk mozzarella cheese." That makes sense. Part skim mozzarella - the cheese you usually buy in the 8 ounce packages at the grocery store - does not taste the same as whole milk mozzarella. Once you start using whole milk mozzarella in your cooking, you'll never go back to part skim mozzarella.

And, their donuts! So good! The cake donuts are super dunkable in a cup of Casey's coffee, or get a glazed donut or long john.

If you live on the west side of Sioux Falls, you won't have to drive very far to get your Casey's pizza or donuts. According to SiouxFalls.Business, Casey's has submitted plans to the city of Sioux Falls to build their eighth Sioux Falls store on the corner of 26th and Ellis Road.

Unfortunately, this is still nowhere close to the radio station and it will not be convenient for me to stop by every day before work.  So Casey's, if you're reading this, PLEASE build a store near 57th and Louise. There is a huge empty lot near Donegal Pointe Apartments. Trust me, I will keep the store afloat.

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