This super wet spring we are wading through has been hard on South Dakota, but it's worse in other places. I have relatives and friends who are farmers. Many of their fields are so wet they will likely not be able to plant a crop this year.

Driving to Omaha last night was eye opening. About 12 miles north of Omaha I passed by a lake. At least I thought it was a lake, until I realized that the lake was being held back by a levee along a creek. It was a farm field. A little farther down the road I saw one of the distant billboards in the field. It was heartbreaking to think that two months after the terrible flooding it is still that bad there.

Driving into Omaha itself, water was partially covering I-29. Cones were set out to keep people from driving through the water, leaving only room enough for one vehicle to pass through that small area.

It breaks my heart to see this all over the place, but I am thankful that some farmers have been able to plant. I've seen some fields with crops starting to sprout. Hopefully, after the next week, we can get some warm, dry weather for a significant amount of time.

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