If you question how vicious the wind can be even on a sunny day during the winter, you need to see video shared by a driver that shows how it trapped cars under an underpass on Interstate-80 in Wyoming.

I saw this shared today on Reddit. According to the poster, they captured this video to show their boss why it wasn't safe for them to try and make it to work today. They felt it would be educational for others as well. Just watch the wind whipping across I-80 (and under it, too).

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They didn't share the exact time frame of when this video was captured, so don't assume that's the condition right now. If you've spent any time in Wyoming, you know the weather can change for the better or worse on a dime.

If you're not familiar with where the Buford exit is off I-80, this is where it is on the map.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The comments on Reddit laughed at those that want salt used on the interstate when it wouldn't make much of a difference with wind of this velocity.

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