Cory from Results Personal Training told me his friend David Whitley was coming to Sioux Falls, and I would probably like to meet him.

I love meeting people, hearing their stories, what their into, what they've accomplished, and it sounded like me and this friend had similar interests.

I'm a Wim Hof fan, David is a certified Wim Hof instructor, I like martial arts, and David can drive nails through boards with his hands.

David 'The Iron Tamer' Whitley lives in Nashville TN, and has super hero sized strength he uses for good.

Good old fashioned inspirational entertainment.

David can do things from tearing a deck of cards in half, to bending iron, and like you see in the above video using his hammer hands.

To see more of David's strength check out some of his other videos here.

David is the author of the book Super Human YOU, and the Vice President of Dennis Rogers' Old Time Strongman University.

Plus David has great aim as seen in the video above, and is one of only a handful of people I would allow to drive a nail that close to my crotch.

Actually that will probably be the only time we do that one, but it was a blast to meet The Iron Tamer!

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