My face hurts just watching this.

There is quite a bit of profanity in the video. Probably NSFW or around very small children. Use your best judgment.

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My friend, Ed Sheeran was recently on 'Hot Ones' on First We Feast on YouTube and he handled it like a Boss.

He not only ate all the wings, but he gave a pretty good interview as well. He covered a wide range of topics including whether or not Benny Blanco peed in his jacuzzi to the time Eric Clapton gave him a guitar.

He apparently is a hot sauce aficionado. He mentions having a full cupboard of hot sauces.

Watching gave me anxiety because he gets close to touching his eye a couple of times! Don't do it, Ed!

I also give Ed credit for fully eating the wing. I've seen other celebrities barely take a nibble and he goes all in!

I'm always impressed by the host. Towards the end, he seems to be a bit choked up, but he usually seems so unaffected. I don't know how he does it!

I think my favorite part of this whole thing was Ed's post on Instagram about the experience.

Apparently, we were feeling the aftermath of 'Hot Ones' for many days. Ouch.

In case you forgot, I really did meet Ed Sheeran. We're basically besties! Oh, and my brother was there too.

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