I would love some backstory about how this happened. There's a short, fun video that shows a bear casually strolling into a campsite where it promptly nibbles on a guy's knee.

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Barstool Sports shared this short, but sweet bear moment set to Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love" showing a rather large bear give a guy a taste test. This video has also made it's way to YouTube and Facebook. There's no mention of where this happened. Very little story at all.

While this video originated back in December of 2020, it's been reborn in a viral Facebook Reel by Ivor Ramon. Based on the Barstool Sports Twitter share, the video actually comes courtesy of Andy Riedman. Trying to figure out who shared this video first is like tracking a bear in the wild albeit without the possibility of dying.

The funny thing about this moment is no one tells the story of how and why a black bear roamed into camp and no one seemed concerned. While running isn't advised either, I don't think I'd be casually sipping on a beverage (while wearing shorts) and wait for the bear to decide if I tasted good, but that's just me.

At least now if you have a friend share this since it's now appearing in just about everyone's Facebook feed, you can tell them where it started even if we have no clue why.

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