Fall is the perfect time to prep you lawn for Spring. To encourage a healthy lawn, here are several things to do now.

Fertilize: perform a soil test to make sure that you're adding a balanced fertilizer. Lime needs to be added if you have a ph of 5.8 or lower. Compost can be broadcast over your lawn as an organic fertilizer.

Mow: Your lawn may have slowed down growing, but keeping it mowed will make sure that the grass will not fall down on itself and become compacted over the winter.

Rake: Leaves left on the lawn may smother the turf. They may also allow for fungus problems later on. After raking, you can use your lawn mower to move the leaves to flower beds and left there as mulch. Just keep them to a couple of inches deep.

De-thatch: De-thatching the lawn allows water and air to penetrate to the soil. With healthy soil your chances of a healthy lawn are greatly improved.

Aeration: Constant traffic on your lawn and a clay soil are a perfect set-up for lawn compaction. Aerating the lawn lets nutrients get to the roots of your turf. Lawn care companies can provide aerating services. You can also rent a mechanical aerator from a local rental store.

Weed Control: Fall is usually the time to spread post-emergent herbicide. The best way to deter weeds is to have a thick healthy lawn.

Plant: Fall is still a good time to either seed or sod a lawn. Keep the soil moist as the seed or turf becomes established. Independent garden centers will have the right blend of turf seed for your region.

With a little preparation now, your lawn will be barefoot ready for next year!