Let's show some South Dakota support for one of our own and help Brenten Bartels get enough votes for a $10,000 scholarship. Bartel's tux design impressed the folks at the Duck Tape company so much with his 15 roll project that took over 75 hours to create, that he was an instant hit, putting him in the top ten in the Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. Stop and count if you want, but Brenten can tell you it's made of 750 individually cut triangles. StuckAtProm.com

Vote daily from now until June 24 vote for Brenten, and see the other amazing creations. No doubt these awesome creations would be the talk of prom, while saving a lot of money compared to a traditional tux.

Brenten described his one of a kind tux creation. "I wanted to create a suit that portrayed my personality while also having a sharp yet clean look. I believe my suit did just that. The colors are flashy but not overwhelming and work very well together. The design was relatively difficult to create. I cut each of the 750 triangles individually and carefully placed them together on every aspect of the suit, as seen on the coat, lapels, vest, pants, and accessories. The accessories include a hat, glasses, bow tie, handkerchief, boutonniere, wallet, and shoes, all of which incorporate the triangular design (or a complementary color). The hard work and time put into this suit made my prom such a wonderful and positive experience as I was able to live my dream of going to prom in duct tape."

Brenton says it took seven months of designing, creating, and executing this project which he says "have been a blast."

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