Digging around YouTube recently I found this compilation video of news reports and some home video of the 50th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 1990.

First there's a report from NBC News about the bikers descending on the little town in the Black Hills. it was during the Persian Gulf War, and the newscast used the story of the rally to show that 'life goes on' during wartime. They start with the usual bit about how it is a nice little town with grandpas and ladies watering plants. Then, the bikers arrive! It then becomes "Hog Heaven" for motorcycle riders.

Then Maury Povich takes the show A Current Affair to Sturgis for a report. The core of this tabloid TV report was about how the sleepy little town of Sturgis survives the rally. They really focus on biker gangs and violence in the report, and how the people of Sturgis must be weird for letting motorcycle rally continue.

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