I honestly don't think there is anything quite like the Vinyl Taco Social Club in Sioux Falls.

Sure, there are bowling alleys in Sioux Falls. There are taco restaurants in Sioux Falls. There are many bars in Sioux Falls. But Vinyl Taco Social Club takes all of those things and mushes them together into one awesome venue!

I hadn't been to Vinyl Taco or the adjoining Vinyl Taco Social Club since they had opened, but that all changed last weekend.

There was a half hour wait for a table in the actual restaurant so we went to have a drink in the social club. I was literally amazed!

I was just wandering around wide-eyed. There is duck bowling, there is Jenga, there is Mario Kart, there is beer pong, there is pinball, there is booze, there are tacos, there is music, there is nostalgia, there is pop culture! It is literally all my favorite things. Throw in some tap dancing and I would never leave.

The vinyl theme is very prevalent. Vinyl records are used in the decor, they are the menus, they are the napkin holders and they are for playing in the DJ booth. Speaking of the DJ booth, it is made up of old stereo equipment and TV's, but that's not all. The TV is actually playing retro commercials!

Back to the records real quick. I think it's really cool that they made them into menus and napkin holders, but I'm also torn because these are pieces of pop culture history and they covered them in glue and melted them into other things. When I turned over one menu/record and it said Michael Jackson Thriller, my heart hurt a little. But I mean, it does look cool, so there's that.

The bathrooms are not just marked by Men and Women signs, instead, look for the Lady in Red and the It's Raining Men sign.

When our table was ready we were notified via our phone, which also showed us the wait time and our place in line the entire time. Pretty cool.

The actual restaurant side is pretty small by comparison. It's definitely cozy. Most of the menu is tapas style, which is small portions. Each taco is between $3 and $5 so we decided to order a bunch to try. Some traditional, some not so much. My favorite was the Carne Asada! Seriously, delicious!

Definitely going back to try some other stuff on the menu!

I think it's worth noting that the staff was friendly and efficient. I was very impressed with the timely manner of everything. We didn't wait long for our drinks or our food.

Vinyl Taco

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