The Boundary Water Canoe Area is over 1,000,000 acres of lakes, rivers, and protected wilderness within the Superior National Forest in northeastern Minnesota I've been lucky enough to have camped all over the BWCA.

On a recent trip we were camped on Sawbill Lake just north of Tofte, MN. One morning my friend Brian and I portaged our kayaks from Sawbill Lake onto the Kelso River and did some sightseeing.

During our paddle we spotted, a now rarely seen, moose doing some morning feeding on the swampy shore of the river.  We felt very lucky to have this wildlife encounter as the moose population in the BWCA has been on the decline for years now.

The drop in the moose numbers appears to be a combination parasitic brain-worms, winter ticks, wolves taking an increasingly large share of moose, declining habitat in some areas, and generally warmer weather.

In this ever changing world it's a blessing to be able to escape to the millions of acres of protected wilderness of the BWCA. It's not an adventure for everyone, but for those that cherish the outdoors it's like no other backcountry experience.