Josh Hagemeyer from Maple Grove sure knows how to tackle the headache of shoveling in a fun and unique way, he decided to strap open his skates and off he went. When you think about it this is a pretty brilliant way to tackle that Icy pavement and get the snow out of the way.

According to Josh's Facebook page he said it was the best ice he has skated in a while. He told Bring Me The News "My skates just happened to be in my truck in the driveway and it was too convenient not to give it a try. The layer on ice on the driveway was perfect and I figured I would probably never get to try it again. I was surprised it worked without breaking through the thin layer of ice. It was safer than shoveling in my boots!"

Hat's off to you Josh who's video has already garnered over 340,000 views. Turn up the volume on the video, someone in the background is giggling and said "Nice." Yes folks his is as Minnesota as you can get!


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