Pigeon 605 reporter and founder, Jody Schwan, is reporting that a victim of Thursday night's storm has been identified.

Was this the Sioux Falls victim?

The deceased was 61-year-old Wendy Lape from Wentworth, who died this Friday morning (May 13) from her injuries. The accident was on 250th Street near 464th Avenue, just south of Colton.

“In that situation, a husband and wife were driving home – they live in Wentworth – and that wall cloud, the wall of dust and dirt and debris hit them,” he said. “They slowed down to probably under 5  miles per hour because of the almost zero visibility from the blowing debris and a chunk of wood came through the window of the car.- Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead

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The Sioux Falls victim has yet to be identified but was spoken of at a joint press conference:

We can’t share the specific information about that individual yet, but I would just like to offer my thoughts and prayers and the thoughts and prayers of this community,” Mayor Paul TenHaken said. “That family is waking up this morning with a very hard situation.- Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken

The victim had apparently been attempting to move her car and was killed by a falling tree.

The power went out for 35,000 Sioux Falls area residents and at this point right around 5,000 are still waiting.

The Sioux Falls city engineer, Andy Berg, indicated that cleanup crews went to work as soon as possible to clear trees and other debris and also repair traffic signals that had been damaged.

The South Dakota National Guard has been activated to help with cleanup duties.

The Sioux Falls Emergency Operations Center is now open and started a website, Sioux Falls Storm, to answer questions about the storm cleanup.

Also, the Sioux Falls Regional Landfill is waiving fees through May 22, if you are disposing of storm debris.

Lastly, the Helpline Center is always there. Just dial 211 and you'll receive help with handling the storm damage.

Sources: Pigeon 605, City of Sioux Falls, and Dakota News Now

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