Every year the Vermillion Police Department live tweets the goings-on of USD's homecoming. Every year it entertains. It even has a fanbase.

Often the tweets are situations you couldn't typically think up on your own even if you were writing a movie. They are the kinds of things that come from experience. I would bet a good screen writer could come up with raunchy comedy from the real-life events.

Maybe the McRib coming back is to blame for this one?

Sometimes you encounter a puking pro.

It's always cool when you can be a part of a milestone.

But if he drives a Chevy Impala, you can hardly blame the guy. Everybody has one.

I have fallen asleep peeing in the middle of the night. I can relate.

I'm sure alcohol wasn't involved.

Oh yeah, I forgot people in the 20's like to fight when they get drunk.

But all good things come to an end. See you next year VPD!

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