Living within the city limits of Sioux Falls you're bound to see wildlife from time to time wondering through your neighborhood.  Small animals to big game.

This time of year we see many urban deer too.

KDLT TV's Jill Johnson reports that for the third year in a row, Sioux Falls Police and Animal Control will harvest deer within city limits. As part of a deer management plan, they have removed 75 deer in the northeast and southeast parts of the city in the last two years. This year, South Dakota game, Fish and Parks has given them the green light to harvest 50.

A total of 139 deer were killed in car crashes in the city in 2016. It’s along the I-229 and Rice Street corridors that Animal Control says the majority of deer are struck.

Just east of the Interstate and north of Rice Street, officers recently counted 96 deer within a 3 square mile area.

Last week, officers found a herd of 40 deer in Tomar Park. It’s these areas where the city will be harvesting deer in 2017

Animal control says 16 people are qualified to harvest the deer. They say they will use special suppressed rifles with a sub-sonic round so they don’t travel far, and don’t create a lot of noise.

The meat from the deer will be donated to local food banks. The city has to complete the operation by Feb. 28. They will likely start it within the next few days.

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