Yesterday, I told you about my frustration with my finger nails. I scheduled a nail appointment and then one of them broke! I know, I know. It's really not a big deal, but it's just annoying.  The appointment was scheduled because I realized I'm bordering on talons. I like to schedule the appointment when the nails are long so that when they trim them down, they will all be the same size and shape.

Well, I had my nail appointment and you can barely tell that one nail is shorter than the others. Everything is trimmed, buffed, polished, and shiny!

I always love the feeling after a manicure. I just feel more put together. And things like typing and taking my contacts out is easier.

I opted for a gel manicure with some glitter this time. I don't always get a gel manicure, but I figured it's my birthday weekend! Treat yo' self!

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