It’s a way of resolving driving disputes in a more civil fashion. A small-town idea which can help you avoid big-city traffic stress.

Sure it’s easy to lay on the horn and scream your head off at someone who makes an error behind the wheel especially when said offender is blissfully unaware.

This method can be one of those tricks to keep on hand for the appropriate situation. Example: something so blatant that both driver and witness know it was wrong, but no harm is done like illegal U-turns.

Don’t get all wound up about it. A Delmont stare is all you need (as in Delmont, South Dakota). Maybe raise the eyebrows and purse your lips together is all you need to make your point.

In your own little way you are judge and jury. The convicted will serve their penance of guilt and shame. Even if the one in the wrong looks away from your steely gaze, your work is done.

To add a gesture, obscene or otherwise could be misconstrued during this fleeting moment. No escalation is allowed.

It could be the reserved nature of the mostly German heritage of the folk that live there that spawned this phenomenon. Keen self-awareness also plays a factor because eventually throwing a hissy fit will eventually come back in casual conversation when both involved have a secondary connection to someone in the community.

Here’s another reality as the one on which you heap a load of fertilizer today might be the one to pull you out of a ditch tomorrow.

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