As the investigation continues into a trio of cohorts that were found with stolen items, police hope the criminal entry of unlocked vehicles will quiet down for a spell.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens described the suspicious activity that took place about 4:00 AM Sunday morning near 16th Street and Joliet Avenue.

“A witness saw three people getting into a parked car that was left unlocked. After getting a description (of the suspects) officers were able to locate the three people in the 1600 block of South Rock Creek Drive.”

The three suspects were in a car when officers found the crew and Clemens gave details about the extent of the discovery.

“When the officers talked to the people, they smelled marijuana coming from the car. They found a little bit of marijuana, but there were quite a few different items that led them to believe that these three people who were involved in stealing from unlocked cars. Quite a few credit cards in different names, a large amount of cash and change were found, some other wallets and things like that.”

Further investigation revealed that the people’s credit cards and wallets found in the suspects’ possession were confirmed stolen from unlocked cars. Two 18-year olds and a 20-year old were arrested and charged with criminal entry motor vehicle and possession of stolen property. The suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

In unrelated incidents over the weekend, police also received two reports of guns stolen from unlocked cars. One of them was a pistol, the other was a shotgun in separate areas of Sioux Falls.

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