I've had a flat tire before, but usually it's a slow leak. I walk out to my car and the tire is flat.

Over the weekend, I was in Omaha, and my sister-in-law was driving us to lunch. Then out of nowhere the car jerks. I wasn't sure if we hit an animal or a pothole or what the problem was. Turns out, her front tire literally blew up. Crazy!

It was actually lucky that it blew where it did. We were almost on the interstate and that would have been more dangerous.

We weren't stranded long when a cop pulled over to see how we were doing. We were having trouble finding her jack, and the cop told us not to worry about it. He pulled out a 2 Ton jack and proceeded to change the tire for us. It's amazing how fast it goes when you have all the right equipment. That jack took like four pumps and her car was off the ground. We would have been there all day.

Once the tire was changed, we went back to get my brother's car, and went about our business to grab lunch.

Luckily, we were all safe and that is what really matters.

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