Police say shots were fired Thursday night in Sioux Falls during an incident among five men. No one was struck by bullets, but one man did get roughed up.

Captain Loren McManus said it occurred along the 2400 block of W. 12th Street around 9:30 PM. Two men were walking along the street when three other men confronted them and a fight ensued.

“During the altercation, it’s been alleged that two gunshots were fired. At this time we don’t know who the males are who are involved as far as the suspects. We do have one victim who received minor injuries.”

At this time it’s not known what exactly triggered the event, but McManus says police is trying to fit together all the pieces.

“According to the report, the victims had gone to the business. One stayed in the car and two of them had (frequented) the business. As the (victims) were walking back to the care they were confronted by these three individuals. I don’t know the backstory on what sparked the assault.”

The man who received minor injuries was 20 years old. The companions were about the same age. All that could be described about the suspect is that they were men.

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