I remember the first time I read Jack Kerouac's On The Road, and thought "who is this guy, and how in the world has no one showed me this before"!

Kerouac's Trisstessa tops my personal list of favorite works this genius ever hammered out.

Jack Kerouac had a love it or leave style of writing, but at least he never left a reader indifferent about his work.

His style and his lifestyle were 100% his.

Jack Kerouac passed away October 21st 1969, starting tonight in Sioux Falls through the weekend word lovers have a great lineup of events to enjoy.

Local writing group The Blot Collective has put together a fun weekend lineup of workshops, readings, and poetry.

There will be guest poets, midnight readings, a chance for you to share your words, and a chance to polish your craft with a writing class.

For the complete weekend lineup of days, times and activities click here.

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