I took two of my kids to Great Bear after school Wednesday to do some tubing. We had a blast!

Jackie had been there before but only took a few runs after spending hours trying to ski, which she did on the beginner hill, but not the big one. She was pumped to be among the first to go down the hill that day.

Rockley had never been there. After riding the lift to the top he looked down from the top of the hill and had a bit of a nervous moment. I asked him if he was was scared and he said "A little, but it looks awesome!"

After about ninety minutes the runs got faster. That was really fun. I ended up going into the safety fence at the end of the tubing park a couple of times. Having more weight coming down the hill, it takes a little more to stop me. As my son said: "You have more momentum, Dad."

Yeah, that's what I call it.

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