Andy always gives me a hard time because I hate scraping my windows so I do the bare minimum. Well, over the weekend, I realized that it must run in the family because my brother didn't really scrape his windows either. Great minds, amirite?

Anyway, we asked our listeners for their family traits. What is your family known for? We got some interesting replies.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Cheap, late, sweet but short tempered, Asthmatic. Also known for having a huge family. I'm the oldest of 10, my mom is 1 out of 16, dad is 1 of 12, grandparents had 25 kids.
  •  I'm from Kansas City and everybody says that I talk loud like my family we also have a problem that we cannot whisper
  •  My family is known for being crafty. My mom sews I have a cricut in my dad uses of 3-D printer
  • The women in my family are known for being big boned, having big booties, loud mouthed and weak ankles to carry it all. My mother and my aunts have all broken their ankles at least twice when I was growing up. On the other end of the spectrum all the men are slender and quiet.
  •  Extended family is known for drinking and fighting but also being loyal, kind, and supportive of kids.
  • My moms side is pyro rednecks so they're fun. Basically my family is known for bringing the party and being able to make others happy and smile. My family is bomb
  • My family is known for sitting in jail together, one younger generation and one older generation always ends up in jail at family get togethers
  •  We're known for throwing parties! Adult and kid friendly! Fun for everyone!
  • Flappy bat arms.
  • My family is known for giving each other the finger as a sentiment.
  • Family is known for Swearing and being loud 😂
  •  My mom's side of the family is known for having big booties. They even switched around their last name to incorporate the word booty in it.
  • We run on what my aunt named "Timmy time" because my dad makes us all late to everything. She made t shirts for Christmas one year that said "we're on Timmy time" with a picture of his face
  • We are known to our other family members as the family who lives in a "big city". We live here in SF and they are from a tiny town in Iowa

I think my favorite is a toss up between the big booties and weak ankles or the family that goes to jail together. You know what they say, you can't pick your family.

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