Animals do weird things sometimes. Sometimes they are caught on camera. Deer are no exception.

Last week I got an email from Wendy. She wanted me to see a pic she had of deer. Not sure what it would be exactly. I open it up to see a doe trotting along, but then there's another deer flying sideways right behind her. It appears to be her fawn flying through the air.

But what is so fascinating about the pic is that I cannot figure out what happened just prior to the fawn jumping sideways like this. Did mom slow down suddenly and cause her offspring to jump sideways to avoid ramming into her rump? Was the fawn playing around and trying to play? I have no idea. But it's a fun photo to just look at.

Submitted by Wendy Romrell

The photo was taken back on August 14 in the middle of the afternoon. Not a normal time of day for deer to be on the move in the heat of the summer, but maybe a precocious deer of the year inspired mom to run it out of her progeny.

Submitted by Wendy Romrell

This is a reminder to me that I will soon be out in the field chasing deer again. One month from today I'll be out in Harding County stalking antelope. While I'm sad to see summer coming to an end I'm pretty fired up for hunting season.

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