After last night's shocking, devastating, tearjerking, saddening, maddening, and just plain 'what were they thinking' death on Grey's Anatomy, it got me thinking about other TV show deaths that rocked my world.

I couldn't bare to go searching too much so I just kept it to five. Watching back these clips was just too hard.

For most young people in the year 2003 we were introduced to a bunch of rich kids from Orange County and their friend Ryan from 'the wrong side of the tracks.' I, of course, am talking about The O.C. This show came out when I was in high school and it was the first show I remember boys and girls getting into. Then all of our worlds were rocked when Marissa was killed off! It is still hard to shake the image of Ryan carrying her body away from the car accident. *tear*

This next TV death cuts pretty deep. Not only because it is most recent, but also because the actor who played the character died as well. I'm talking about Finn Hudson on Glee, played by Cory Monteith. Monteith died of an overdose leaving the show to handle a delicate topic. The episode The Quarterback was done so well it was hard to pick one scene. So I just went with the episode's opening performance of "Seasons of Love" from Rent. 

Lost was a show that out of the gate had people scratching their heads, but always coming back for more. What is the Dharma initiative? What is up with Benjamin Linus? Why is a polar bear in a tropical environment? Even through all the seriousness of the show, characters Hurley and Charlie brought some comic relief. They were two characters that you rooted for even though Charlie was a drug addict. He was making amends and was helping Claire with her baby. He didn't have to die! He died valiantly though, warning everyone that the boat that they think is rescuing them is NOT PENNY'S BOAT!

Grey's Anatomy has had many tear jerking moments, but I probably took it the hardest when George O'Malley died. He was the underdog intern in Meredith's class. He had to retake his boards and he wasn't very lucky with the ladies. In the episode of his death, he surprises everyone by signing up for the Army, but when he pushes a woman out of the way of a bus, he becomes the patient. No one knows it's him until the very end! Why George?!?! Why?!?!? He is so handsome in his uniform.

And that leaves just one TV death left. For me, this TV death was the first one that I was so emotionally involved and heartbroken. It was Dr. Greene's death on ER. ER was the first show I remember really delving into. It was appointment television for me, back before DVR and streaming. If I wasn't going to be home on a Thursday night, I recorded the show on VHS. That's right kids, with a VCR and everything. Dr. Greene was such a big part of ER and his death was so poignant. I still can't hear "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" without thinking about him. And I realize he is not a real person, but that song still gets me every time. I remember the day after it aired, I was in my high school band practice and we were getting music ready for graduation. Guess what? We played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I couldn't do it.


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